Shelterforce Magazine
~New Public Housing? HUD Has Found a Way
~HUD Has Money for Tenant Organizing. Why Isn’t the Agency Spending It?
~Homeless Mothers in California Show How Radical Housing Activism Becomes Lasting Change
~What Happens if 23 Million Renters are Evicted
~History Shows that in Times of Crisis, Housing Activists Get Radical
~What Could a Joe Biden Presidency Accomplish on Housing?

~How Seattle’s vacant building problem is helping ex-prisoners and the homeless
~’Where are the Black people?’ Central District residents get creative to fight displacement
~Rectifying Seattle’s racist past requires a denser future, says report
~Will Wall Street invade Seattle’s single-family neighborhoods? Not likely, experts say
~Seattle’s mayor thinks a Trump tax break could help middle-class renters
~How Seattle Blew Its Chance At A Subway System

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The Guardian
~New anti-homeless architecture: Seattle uses bike racks to block rough sleepers
~’Democracy vouchers’ aim to amplify low-income voices, to conservative ire
~Lessons from the fast lane: does this study prove car-pooling works?
~Did Seattle’s mandatory helmet law kill off its bike-share scheme?

~A New State Preemption Battlefield: Dockless Bikesharing

The Nation
~If Politicians Actually Want to Make Change, They Have to Think Like Organizers – My profile of former Seattle City Coucilmember Nick Licata

Yes! Magazine
~When Cops Evicted these Moms, the Housing Conversation Changed
~Washington Governor’s Order to Protect Immigrants Will Also Save State’s Economy
~Voter Suppression Laws Disenfranchised Millions of Voters. Could a National Vote By Mail Law Turn That Around?

Pacific Standard Magazine
~Moving Taholah Village Before It’s Swallowed by the Sea
~A Bike Ride Through Qatar

VICE Sports
~Seattle’s Lucha Libre Wrestlers are Fighting for their Sport in the State Legislature
~Can Ayesha McGowan Become America’s First Black Woman Pro Cyclist?
~The Fight to Keep Junior Hockey Players From Getting Paid
~Child Labor, Lawsuits, and How Junior Hockey Exploits Its Players For Profit

Next City Features
~Can Austin’s YIMBY Movement Go From Backyard to Ballot?
~Building a Bikeable City for All
~The Clock Is Ticking on Seattle’s Affordable Housing Solution
~Streets Experiments Made This City Engineer a Celebrity Bureaucrat

Select Next City Articles
~No Cost Public Land Gives Seattle Affordable Housing Developers a Boost
~With Uber Out, London Coalition Calls For Driver-Owned “Khan Cars”
~In Push for Downtown Revitalization, Reno Might Criminalize Homelessness
~Trump Tax Promise Is Already Affecting Affordable Housing
~What to Do When Discounted Transit Is Still Too Expensive
~Memorializing the Seattle Freeway That Almost Was
~How Airbnb Factors Into Seattle Displacement Concerns
~New App Is Mapping the Accessible City
~Will Washington Voters Love Cars More Than Light Rail?
~It’s Time for U.S. Cities To Ban Right Turns On Red
~Seattle Lines Up Money to Help Business Owners During Street Project
~“No” Vote Isn’t Stopping Push for Municipal Broadband in Seattle
~New Maps Show World’s Cities Disappearing Under Water
~The Case Against Bright-as-the-Sun Flashing Bike Lights
~Driverless Bus Testing Coming to Bay Area
~Stop Building Mediocre Parklets, Start Building Pavement Parks
~Inside Seattle’s Battle Over a High Line-Style Park
~Gil Penalosa: Citizens Can’t Be Spectators in Urban Planning
~Parking Bill Aims to Offset Light-Rail-Fueled Gentrification in Seattle
~Kids Today Are Changing Bike Advocacy
~What the Last 4 U.S. Presidents Have Done for Bicycling
~Middle Fingers Won’t Move the Needle on Our Broken Driving Culture
~When Drunk Walking Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Walk Drunk
~Working on a New Conversation About Bike Equity
~D.C. Bike-Share Is on the Verge of Unionizing

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The Magazine
~A Lorax That Flies

The Bicycle Story
~Jeremy Powers: Life at the Top of American Cyclocross
~Dan Malloy: Slow is Fast When You’re Surfing by Bike
~Ed Ewing: Race, Equity, and Empowerment by Bike
~Adonia Lugo: Race, Class, and Bicycling in America
~Is Detroit America’s Next Big Bike City?
~Kyle Dempster: A Climber’s Ride on the Backroads of Kyrgyzstan
~Getting Away With Weeknight Bike Camping